Interested in cables, knobs and faders way before knowing how to tie his shoes, fabio papa shows a very early interest in music production.
Enjoying the stimulating effects of low and loud frequencies on the body already at a tender age, it’s just a matter of time he discovers his passion for electronic music.

His love for the stripped down, bass-heavy sounds from the “roots” era of Jamaican music and for the hypnotic rhythms of techno lead him to set up a first small music production studio in teenage years – a life long journey in experimenting with sound synthesis and music production begins…

After moving from Lugano to Zurich, fabio papa starts playing live in 2007 under the moniker “Störgeräusche” (‘interference’).
His minimal techno built around unconventional sound sources and noises makes people dance in Switzerland and abroad at venues like Hive, Zukunft, Stairs club, Chocolat festival and 48 Hours Neukölln.

A new born father in 2011, fabio papa takes a few years off stage to focus on being a papa. And making jokes about his name which many people don’t believe being real.
After a series of EPs on various labels, released under his real name, fabio papa starts playing live acts again in 2014.

Since 2015 he is part of Low Frequency Foundation